Move To Plane problem when moving planes

Move To Plane component seems buggy when moving planes. (Rh6-SR30)

Moving a curve and a plane using the component, one would expect the transforms to be the same (all the panels connected to Set Difference components should be empty).
The transforms when using a curve are the same when using “Move To Plane” or “Move”, but when using a plane as the geometry to move, they are different. (12.6 KB)

Same behaviour in RH6-SR29 and newest RH7 WIP.

It seems like Move to Plane doesn’t treat the plane as point like many other components do, but was it different before?

Easiest workaround while staying with Move To Plane would be to deconstruct the plane, move the point, reconstruct the planes.

Thanks @danielbent for confirming.
Not sure if it ever had a different behavior, its the first time I notice this after spending a while trying to debug a problem in another project.

There are many workarounds, but the issue is more in terms of consistency, if Move accepts the same Base Geometry input as Move To Plane, then both components should deal with Planes similarly.

Transform work fine

The difference always 0.707 >>> sin(pi/4)

Yeah, Transform is what I ended up using.
0.707 is for some reason the bounding-box for a plane in Gh.

So the bounding box moved to the new planes and the original plane centered to the moved bounding box, i think the solution here that they must change geometry of plane to surface instead of bounding box
or always the user need to move it down by sin(pi/4)