Revolution of Spiral / Lines in General

Hi everyone.
This is my first post, so I hope i can explain my problem nicely.

I created a spiral in Rhino and imported it to Grasshopper since there some work to be done there.
Now as you can see on the images, the spiral in itselt, from start to end has some sort of revolution. The problem there is, that all the other geometry created evolving around this spiral in whatever way also shares this revolution/torsion (not sure what it is exactly). No most of the time i guess this does not demonstrate a problem, however as you can see in the first image. creating tubes along the surface which is created off of the spiral, then also share that revolution. So a tube on the surface istarts almost on the bottom of the surface, then by the end it is on top of the surface…

The other images are just to try to explain what i mean. I hope it is comprehensable. In grasshopper i can also show the torsion of the spiral curve, but i have not found a way to “detorsion” or “derevolutionize” it so that for example a tube starting at the bottom of the surface also ends up at the bottom at the end of the surface.

Thank you, it would be lovely if anyone has an idea about that.


Hi Bernhard, can i suggest that you post it in the Grasshopper forum:
it may get picked up here.

May be a little lame, but have you checked the Rhino/Grasshopper units/tolerance.