Orienting Planes according to (x, y, z) Orientation value

Hi again everyone,

I am a student exploring how to create stud layouts with Rhino Inside Revit and Grasshopper.
I am curious how the community recommends I specify a plane’s axes depending on wall orientation, with the goal of orienting the stud geometry so the 2" side of each 2x4 stud is perpendicular to the face of the wall

I suspect the Orientation output from the Analyze Wall component can be used but am not sure how to utilize the {0,1,0} output format correctly.

Hi Noah, I moved the category from Grasshopper to Rhino.Inside.Revit, your question is grasshopper but best not to pollute the Rhino / GH forum categories with Revit stuff. Plus RiR is essentially grasshopper.

You can cast a wall to a plane or surface and us that plane to get your direction.

AlignPlanes.gh (10.0 KB)

Hi Japhy, I am wrapping my head around this and may respond here with questions. Thank you for sharing this solution!