Revit Voids RiR

Would it be possible to use GH geometry to cut voids in the Revit Walls?

Right now I know of two ways.

  1. Create and adaptive component and use the voids within that framework.
  2. I believe @geometrygym has some more advanced Rhino.inside components for modeling and might include voids.

Thanks Scott,

Yes, you can generate voids and various other advanced attributes and relationships with the GG plugin (Which can operate inside and outside of Revit).

I’ve attached a sample script if you want to test. Download the plugin from



190809 wall with (18.9 KB)

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I will check that for sure. Firstly, I must renew my license. Last time I checked Geometry Gym it was a bit overwhelming for me, but it was long time ago… I hope that my understanding of the GH and Revit are better now :slight_smile: