Revit Subcategory management in a Component Family Workflow

Hi all

I am working with the basic concept outlined here under Rhino objects as Loadable Families (Rhino.Inside®.Revit), especially in the video.

It works well, and is the basis of a workflow where the Rhino layers are essentially translated into Revit subcategories, allowing for visibility and graphics control similar to a standard layer-based graphics control in Rhino or CAD.

However, my system breaks down in the following two instances:

  1. A Rhino layer is deleted. Now the subcategory created from that Rhino layer is obsolete
  2. A Rhino layername is changed. Now the subcategory created from that Rhino layer has the wrong name, and loses its association with the Rhino layer.

We are considering building a subcategory manager which tracks these relationships by setting up a dictionary associating the Rhino layers and the Revit subcategories by their respective ID#s instead of their names, which would allow changes to be tracked and resolved.

Is no one else having this issue? Am I missing something? This caused our whole workflow to breakdown.



Creating a SubCategory and then changing its name is working here in a simple example. It sounds like your situation is more complex, especially if you are updating Family to Project subcategories.


Changed Name

@Japhy Thank you for testing: You are correct. I am getting the same behavior with your simplified setup. I will have to figure out why my more complex setup is breaking that relationship. This solves the more important half of my problem.

Regarding “A Rhino layer is deleted. Now the subcategory created from that Rhino layer is obsolete”:
Actually, I updated my Rhino.Inside and Add Subcategory seems to track subcategories including deleting subcategories when the input item is deleted from the list. This is great news, and means that my entire question was the result of using an old build. Sorry about that!

A related problem: Would it be possible to set the default visibility of a new subcategory to Off in the Visibility/Graphics Overrides of all views, and all view templates? Currently, every time I add a new subcategory I have to chase it down everywhere and turn it off where it should not be visible, whereas in some cases it would be better to be able to go to views where it should be visible and turn it on.

Anyone have thoughts?