Revit Multiple Type Name Set

Hi, community, i’m again here trying to set multiple Type Names in Revit and facing same issue.

I can see that there are examples where people rename types, but in my case every time i try to rename types in my projects i face same error (as you can see on screenshots)
I would like to understand what cause that issue and how to avoid it. In my workflow I use Excel file to find existing in project types and rename them according to excel. I Have a lot of types in projects by the way so i need to change them.
Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Can’t see your full definition but one reason might be you are inputting an element instance instead of Element Type?

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If Mucahitbgoker suggestion doesn’t fix it can you provide the two errors in the Red Balloon? Thanks

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@mucahitbgoker , @Japhy :pray:Thank you for your suggestions and sorry for the late response, here is the War in my country right now (Ukraine) :pensive:, so wasn’t able to reply for some time.
FYI: the issue was solved after restarting revit. I have no idea what could cause that, i will get back to that next time i face it again.


No prob @m.onopko , stay safe🙏

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And so what city are you in now?

Hi @Mikey a lot of people had to leave their houses, so do I. Temporarly moved to the west of Ukraine to keep working and pushing the economy. We will have a lot of cities to repair and to rebuild. So for the moment we can just help each other with everything we can do and to support each other.


Glad to see you still have internet connectivity