Element Name Component Error

Hi,community, I have an error while using Element Name component.
The error messege is:

  1. :x: Error {f8a57444-9dd1-4867-8566-8ef1bd1be5ad} {993410}
  2. RevitAPI: A managed exception was thrown by Revit or by one of its external applications.

Any idea on how to fix that issue?
Thank you!

Hi Mykyta, What version of Rhino.Inside.Revit are you running? Revit Version type as well please.

In the manage tab of Revit you can select by Element ID [993410] and see what’s going on in that particular wall, delete if warranted.

Thanks for your reply, Japhy, I’m running RiR v. 1.1.7927.27937 on top of Revit 2021.1.4
The issue is that I want to rename whole Wall Type so, the ID refers to the Type with (in my case) 80 instances.
*On the second screenshot (appears if i try to delete Element {993410} ) you can see the warning message that actually informs about that.

In the definition above you are getting the Type and renaming it to an existing Type. Try collecting the 80 walls, getting their Type and changing it there.

Similar to below, but you may need more sophisticated collecting if you have Elements of that Type you don’t want changed.

If its just about renaming the Type, it should work. It looks like it has the same name as the existing type? There is also a duplicate Type component that my be applicable.