Revit families error


I’m trying to import an IFC where I’ve created element types with the same name as elements within a Revit family. The idea being to use existing Revit family types rather than recreating new (why reinvent the wheel, right). What is happening though is the first type of a family is importing correctly, then the second type within that family is bringing some of the attributes correctly through, but is copying other attributes of the first type within that family.

First type (correct)


Second type with dimensions of first instead of its own:


Any ideas what is causing this and how to work around?



Hi Matt,

Are you able to share how are you creating the IFC files so we can run a quick test? Feel free to send through to or post here.



You can use a representative family definition (ie profile shape) and use a naming convention with a ‘:’ delimiter (i.e .MyFamily:MyType) for the type name.

In the revit plugin it will break down the name and search on that basis. The Revit plugin always search’s for an existing material or type and uses it first and foremost unless the option nominates to override.