Revit 2022 can't create ribbon panel for Rhino.Inside

Hey! I’m not sure what is causing this problem. As you see in the image Revit says that the API has created too many tabs, so it thinks it would be sensible to place them in the Add-Ins tab. After this I’ve uninstalled add-ins I’m not using so to free space, but it still pops-up. Any ideas about how to solve it?

I already have uninstalled and reinstalled Rhino.Inside, even Revit 2022. I don’t get this message in other versions of Revit

Can you provide some system info? on of the other revit versions should suffice.

Do you have any other Revit Plugins that are only in 2022? Thanks

@kike any insights

Looks like Revit is complaining about the number of tabs in the Revit UI.

@akselalvarez, How many tabs do you have on Revit before loading Rhino.Inside?