Revision cloud - tweaks


Revsion cloud is missing one or two small features.

  • Instead of the divide command under revcloud. Could it be based on the size of the arcs instead? To get uniform size arcs in all the clouds…
  • Or revcloud could be controlled like annotation scaling! Even better :slight_smile:

Basically I wan’t a nice layout in the end where all my revision clouds have the same scale.

Could be nice if this feature makes it before v6 Rhino. Just saying…

Hi Morten - you can get there with the Curve option in RevCloud - have you tried that? Use Divide > Length.

e.g. ! _RevCloud _Curve _Pause _Divide _Length 7 _Enter


Hi Pascal,

I am using that option.
But if you have a lot of revision clouds on a layout ideally the cloud arcs should have the same size.
This is not possible with ‘divide’ since the command only divedes the length of the curve with the number of arcs. You can eyeball it, but it’s time consuming.

Would be great to have it as annotation scaling so the layouts always look crisp and nice :slight_smile:

The “Length” option specified allows you to set the arc length for each arc segment. Therefore the arcs should be more or less the same size for any length rev cloud curve (except for the last arc needed to close the curve). What would be good @pascal would be to have an option to have all the arcs the same size including the last one - that is to say that the divide/length would make all even divisions closest to (but not exactly) the length input…


Thanks @Helvetosaur.
Totally missed the length option. That makes it a bit better.

Still would be nice with annotation scaling for details in layout with different scale but where you want the cloud to have same arc sizes…

Another request:

Can you add a command: SelRevcloud to select all revision clouds.


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Beware the revision cloud…