Review of 3D software for artists

review of 3D software for artists (00:20 - 3ds max | 05:07 - Maya | 09:08 - Blender | 14:50 - Houdini | 18:47 - Cinema 4D | 21:00 - MODO | 25:56 - ZBrush | 33:34 - Substance Designer | 37:11 - Substance Painter | 40:32 - Mari):

What are “artists”? :smirk:

People who are creative, but don’t create?

They are emotional showbiz people. In the past, they were employed by kings and aristocrats to make pretty propaganda. Most modern artists are imbeciles.

I always thought it was the other way around…

Most modern imbeciles are “artists”… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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3Ds, most used but quite poor without tons of add-ons. With add-ons it is mediocre in all fields but lacking sculpting tools. Animation tools are poor and unusable for serious work even with add-ons.

Maya, poor modeler but industry standard and best in animation. Lacks sculpting tools.

Modo, superior modeler but lacking in other areas. In active development so this could change.

Blender, free and efficient but unintuitive UI at first. Good toolset all around including sculpting. Animation tools are second best losing only to Maya, mainly because lack of mocap tools.

Zbrush, superior sculpting tools and good texturing tools in 3D, but nothing else. UI is efficient but unintuitive at first, same as Blender.

Mudbox, only mediocre sculpting tools but simple UI.

Sculptris, free simple sculpting tool. Very easy to learn. Like sculpting sketchbook. Lacks more advanced features.

Cinema 4D, easy to use but mainly outdated. Used mainly on logo animations and similar tasks. Not for serious 3D, but a relaxed tool for occasional 3D.

Silo, solid modeler but not in active development.

Rhino, mainly for industrial design. Uses nurbs, a bit different logic.


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Note that you can import mocap files, though…

review of 3D software for artists (Maya, 3dsMax, Cinema 4D, Houdini, Blender):