How to reverse a planes Z Axis with RhinoCommon

Hi all,
as I understand the SDK the Vector gets reversed in place. Somehow it seems not to work as I am trying:

Could someone enlighten me?
Thanks in advance!

I think what you’re looking for is

Hi @DanielPiker ,

thanks for the answer.
Is it possible to just reverse the Z-Axis, without swapping x and y?
Using the Vector3d.Reverse() Method on a referenced vector it works as I suspect:

Do I maybe need to construct a new plane?

You can’t change the handedness of planes in RhinoCommon - X and Y determine Z.

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Thanks for the explication!
Will need to get my head wrapped around this.

To confuse things, some programs do this differently.
Rhino would be in the bottom right of this chart (Right-handed, Z-up).