Reverse UV actually swaps U and V?

Curious thing I just came across and don’t fully understand. So I am using Lunchboxes Reverse UV component to set some surfaces’ (just rectangles standing upright) UV directions since I am using Panelling tools to create grids on them. So far so good.

Now I have some rectangles that are the other way then I want them (UV 0,0 is top right when viewed from the front rather than bottom left, which is the default), so I built a little something that just checks which directions things go and then reverses accordingly.

What I noticed though, is that Reverse UV does something different to reversing U and then reversing V. Basically UV go in the same direction as before when using that option.

Original UVs:

Using Reverse UV from Lunchbox (option 3). note how U and V go in the same direction as before:

Using Reverse U, then Reverse V:

Why is this happening? Is it just a bug? (19.4 KB)

IMO, I don’t think it’s a bug but that option No.3 misleads the users. What that option exactly means ‘Swap U and V’ not ‘Reverse U and V’. like Swap Surface Directionsin pufferfish plugin. BTW, Reverse Surfacein Parakeet plugin behaves exactly what you want…


Haha, wow okay, if that is the case, then that is some pretty terrible confusion caused by not being more clear. From the label it is pretty obvious what SHOULD happen:


Whoever is in charge of lunchbox components, please update the label so it clearly says “Swap U and V” or something. Also it actually makes no sense to have a swap U and V function in something called “reverse UV”.

I will go with the Parakeet version if that is working correctly.

Thanks, @HS_Kim

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