Reverse engineering

Hi everyone,
i have obj + txt files of a FRONTAL 3d bust scan and i have to close the mesh to print it. anyone can help me?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I can help you if you send over the file.

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Thank you!

thanks, so I believe you want to attach a back sided mesh surface to close this up?

yes, i tried merging my obj with some found on sketchfab but it didn’t work out the way i hoped

Ok, I would do something like this in zbrush if it were me. you can trim a surface and mesh or try to fill the hole in rhino but with a dense mesh I always find a problem with naked edges. Or mesh intersect curve not giving me a closed curve to trim cleanly with. Someone might have a better workflow to do this in rhino but In zbrush you can trim lasso and it will auto fill the hole and it will close it completely. or do a straight cut to create a flat surface fill. Here’s an example mesh I used to do this:

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Hi! sorry for the delay! i’ve tried it but i I didn’t succeed because I don’t have all the features of zbrush. I did it another way: replacing only the face of another bust with mine. just NOW i’m going to print it. now that i have more time i will try your solution because i’d like to print it also in your way, i mean only the face. i like it more than mine :smile: i will let you know :heart: thanks so much.

Nice! what method did you use to stitch it together?

i only used meshmixer and i did it with boolean union (after cutting my mesh properly and creating the solid)