Can someone please help me close this mesh?

I’ve tried for a while to close this mesh, but it doesn’t ever seem to work. So far I’ve tried capping it, patching it, duplicating the edge and extruding it, cutting it flat with a solid etc etc.
Any help would be appreciated!
Snake.3dm (10.2 MB)

Hi @miggy2o0e
Are we talking just the main body of the snake or the entire thing, including every single scale? If it’s just the main body, use FillMeshHole. If it’s the entire thing, you’ll need to first join the top surfaces of every single scale the extrueded parts, making sure that there are no non-manifold edges/surfaces and then try to get the whole thing to join up.
But what is your target? If it’s 3D printing, you can probably get away with just closed meshes that overlap, meaning you don’t have to join the body and every single scale into one. Just make sure that each individual scale and the main body are closed meshes, and the slicer software will see it as a single body.
HTH, Jakob

And also: Please don’t double post your questions! It will not get you an answer quicker. It’ll only spread out the information and annoy the very people trying to help you.

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