Retrieving elefront attributes from linked blocks


I am trying to create a library of 3D models and 2D Drawings of standard components we use in our factory. Each component is saved in a folder as a .3dm file with the relevant Elefront attributes linked to it.

I have been able to import the geometries as linked blocks directly from the directory path, however I have had no success of retrieving the elefront attributes associated to it in the .3dm source file.

You can find an example of a component drawing with its pertaining elefront attributes attached below.

CH33.3dm (131.5 KB)

Any help?

Thank you

You can reference by layer, block name… whatever works for your workflow.

In your definition the block still needs to be baked into the Rhino document.


This is now clear to me.

I posted that .3dm file as an example for the drawing type/attributes. In reality the folder from that family of components contains hundreds of different variations. Would there be a way to selectively bake only one component from that folder as to not create a mess in the rhino block manager?

Ideally, I would like for grasshopper to actively reference the components folder directory so that I could pick and choose the component I need through an interface developed with the HumanUI plugin.

The item selector is a Human component.

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Also the attributes within the linked block are indeed available to you. You should be able to selectively choose the block that you want - similar to what Japhy has shown, or whatever technique you like. You don’t need to bake those blocks to get the attributes, if you don’t want to. The step you are missing is to deconstruct the imported linked block:

In this way, you do not need to bake anything to your document unless you’d like to.