Retrieving coordinates values of Beam Resultant Forces (Karamba)


The output of the Beam Resultant Forces panel in Karamba allows obtaining the maximum Normal Force, Shear force and Bending Moment. But is there anyway to retrieve the coordinate of the point/beam a specific normal force value is acting on?

For example, I sorted the list of Normal forces to retrieve the highest Normal Force acting on the structure. But how do I find out the coordinates of the point or the location of the beam this maximum normal force is acting on?

My structure is a diagrid structure created through Paneling. I’ve included links for the Grasshopper & Rhino files I’m working on, but there’s a lot going on in them

Rhino file:
Grasshopper file:

The Beam Resultant Forces panel I’m referring to is in the right corner of the Grasshopper panel layout.

Alternatively, is there an option to plot the list of Normal forces (from the Beam Resultant Forces panel) against item number on a graph? This would also help a lot if the first option I mentioned is not possible.

Appreciate any help and suggestions!