"beam forces" command and the axial and bending stiffness

I have doubts about “beam forces” command. In output I have Normal force, shear force and bending moment. Using the panel I have a set of values, how do I figure out the precise point where these forces are applied?

what command can be used to have the axial and bending stiffness (EA, EI) of a shell or a gridshell to which a unitary force is applied?

Hi @fallarinomonica,

the Beam Forces component outputs an individual list for each individual beam in your model. They account for an even distribution from the start of the beam to the end of the beam - for example an output of 3 values shows the start-, mid- and end-point of the beam.

More information can be found here: https://manual.karamba3d.com/3-in-depth-component-reference/3.6-results/3.6.9-beam-forces

Okay, that’s why I have three values. How do I know which beam is 239 or any other?!
How can I make appear on every beam of the gridshell in 3d the number to which corresponds?