Retrieve multiple branches based in a number list

Hi, guys! I need a little help over here.

I have a geometry data organized in a tree structure. One geometry per branch. But I want to cull the tree structure and retrieve only the branches that matches the list.

Looking at the end of both lists, I want only the {3309} and the {3306} branches/geometry, and so on, following the number list. Finally, I don’t want to maintain the branch path, so the {3309} will become {3217} and {3306} will become {3216}.

The GH file is here:

retrieve branches (2.5 MB)

Thank you for your attention,

Like this?

retrieve branches (2.5 MB)

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Exactly! Thank you!!!

But can you explain to me the Search Mask (S) in the Replace Paths component? It worked perfectly, but I can’t get how this mask works

Try to search “Replace Path”.