Replace path question

I’m trying to use very simple “replace path” definition but got stuck.
I would each closest sphere to be renumbered like each circle below, where am I wrong?

Replace path (204.7 KB)

I see you renumbered as I was looking for but can’t see what you did…

Replace path (203.8 KB)

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Thanks a lot !
Will have look as soon as I’m back at the office :smiley:

Exchanging the inputs of closed points component

Hmmm, HS Kim example works fine, but I just changed the inputs with new shapes.
Definition is quite the same in structure, but doesn’t work, I’m lost again.!
Naked edges doesn’t fit the same number as rectangular curves, why in this case?

Canvas%20at%2015%3B32%3B46|690x490 Replace path problem (105.7 KB)

Your curve parameter is empty.

Oups !!Replace path problem (106.3 KB)

Replace path problem (99.1 KB)

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Many thanks , it works perfectly, I just took time to understand how it goes ^^