Retrieve multiple paths based in a index tree?

B is a set of indexes (each branch have different length and possibly duplicate data)
A is a set of objects or sth

I want to retrieve Paths from A and by index from B

and the result of objects (for example):
{0;185} N = 5
{0;199} N = 2
{1;105} N = 9
{1;…} N = 4

or just:
{0} N = 7
{1} N = 13

Maybe I have overlooked some components and this is just a simple question, but it really bothers me for a long time… Does anyone have a way to work around this?

This is a solution by grouping them into a list.
Is there a way to deal with the tree data directly? I feel like I missed some components in SET, or the usage of certain components such as [tree branch] [split tree] and etc.

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“Construct Path” takes input as list, the branch path it created in your picture is inconsistent.
Graft its input and “Trim” the output, then “Tree Branch” will work.
Still it will lose some part of the structure, “P” input of “Tree Branch” is like flattened.

Your solution with grouping is actually not bad, but won’t work with non-geometry data.


retrieve (12.5 KB)

Here a solution… not really elegant.
I’m interested too to see if there is a better solution for this…

I think I know what I missed… The Renumber of [Tree Branch] … Too careless
Thanks a lot :laughing: @maje90