Result forces on a grid

Hi all,

thr picture below reprecents a grid which stand on the green lines.
The red lines are different fitting forces.
I need only the result forces on the green lines but i have no idea how to split the fitting force to get the result.

I need no deformation or material specific behaviour.
everything is static.

Maybe someone can give me a hint


It is all linear so assuming the second red force from the left is at the quarter point of the cross beam then 3/4 of the force is resisted at the nearest end and 1/4 at the farthermost end. Then assuming that cross beam meets the middle of the supporting beams, those reactions are split half and half on each green support.

Continue for each red force. Sum the resulting reactions and at the end check that the sum of your reactions is equal to the sum of your fitting forces.

Alternatively for each load in turn take moments about each support in turn.

Thanks for this info…

Long time since the last post but it took some time to code a script which did what you described.
The first script calculate the beam order and the second script use this order create dictionary with the result force/weight (value) and force location (key).

Calculation order

weight dictionary

Now i can calculate if the result force position (support) is on the border of the construction like this (green circle is where the construction is fixed)

but i dont know how to calculate if the fixe postion is in between like the following. Are the endpoints of this line are zero weight and all the result force is located at the green circle. ?

I never saw this kind of construction fixing position , maybe its not defined.

Is there a plugin in grasshopper to calculate this kind of cenario…karamba is not a option…the free version has no result force…is this possible with kangooro?..i am a bit lost.

I hope someone can enlight me a bit…but i am really happy that it is working so far.

Have you searched on Food4Rhino?
By the looks of it, this should be possible with, e.g., Kiwi3d, Concha, …