Restructuring list

Hello again,
can someone help me restructing the two list into one list , in a order that gives me an ability to draw the shape between every four points? i mean i should be able to have the shapes seperated in the end. thank you (39.6 KB)

thank you

I would start by creating the lines like this - though to make closed curves between four points, further data tree manipulation is required… (37.2 KB)

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thank you but how would you make a surface for evey unit if you don’t change the tree order?

I took a similar approach. To get the 4 points in a list, I used Relative Item (apologies for the wires, I’m on Rhino for Mac): (32.0 KB)
Final PLine is warning due to not cleaning Nulls like @Joseph_Oster did.


you mean like this? (24.9 KB)

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i think yes, it looks good, would mind sharing the definition please

I just put it, sorry

I never learned how to use RelItem like @fraguada - that’s MUCH simpler! (41.8 KB)

P.S. This is another way to use the ‘Tree/List Viewer’, where the ‘path idx’ slider chooses the “quad” and the ‘list idx’ slider chooses the edge (yellow).

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thank you all, i hope i will understand the logic behind the components you have used, still i love this program!

Relative Item is a deep cut, but comes in handy at times. Try it out with a simple point grid or a hex grid:

In this case I’m shifting one branch and one item, so the point at {0}(0) will connect with the point at {1}{1}, etc.
Relative (11.2 KB)

Relative Item is like, practically, a Shift List, but for trees. You shift branch paths n times with “{n}” and the items in branches m times with “(m)”: “{n}(m)”. The first output is like the input tree, but cut properly in case the wrappers are disabled (if n=3, m=2, the last three branches and the last two items per branch will disappear). The second output returns the shifted tree.

would expleain the logic behind using the shift two times, why the merge component need the data to be in the order you have made?

I am shifting one time for and one time back to get the lines in the correct order, than I merge them to pairs of 2. You can observe it by the point order and the param viewer like this:

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The “List Shake”, a classic GH move!

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