Responsive Ripples

In Rhino 5, what is the most efficient way create ripples that can be manipulated into organic forms (to be 3D printed) similar to these (esp. #1):

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What’s the best way to create repeated steps (curves)? I’ve started a file that uses the loft tool with record history, but is there a better way to approach this?
ripple.3dm (238.8 KB)

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Hi Daniel,

Your current method is perfectly fine in my opinion and you’d just need to use OffsetSrf with the Solid option before exporting as a mesh for printing. Here are two other approaches as well though… one uses displacement meshes which can be extracted as mesh objects with ExtractRenderMesh and offset to solids with OffsetMesh if not already a closed mesh. The second example shows Grasshopper which would be my pick for the greatest amount of interactivity.

ripple_displacement.3dm (545.1 KB) (20.0 KB)

To model more organic deformations from the ripple form, I’d then use Twist, Maelstrom, Bend, FlowAlongSrf or CageEdit in Rhino after you already have a closed mesh.

you can also convert the single surface to mesh, hide the nurbs surface, then mesh offset with solid on if you are just trying to create a part to print. This can reduce the complexity of your scene, and allow you to create a “library” of rippled single surfaces that maintain your history. This would allow you to reopen them at a later date, modify them for future needs, saveas with a new name and grow your catalog of parts. From what I gather from the above images about your workflow, this may be a decent option to consider.

Hi Daniel- here’s my shot at this- the curves are generated with TweenCurves between the two green curves, with History. Alternate curves (red/blue, plus the green ones) are projected onto two simple surfaces, also using History and using the ‘Loose = yes’ setting in Project, This maintains the curve structure, which makes for a cleaner loft. Then, a Loft with History.

You can point edit the green curves, or either of the two surfaces to manipulate the shape. The target surfaces are set to display in wireframe to make this a little easier (SetObjectDisplayMode)

RippleControl.3dm (116.0 KB)


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