Clicks Incredibly slow

Good morning,
@DanielPiker This question is probably up your alley.
Here’s the problem.
I run gh player with a kangaroo solver in it (Using Grab etc) and complete the command.
Problem is, after this point the mouse response gets aggravatingly slow for every click that I try to make. Like, really slow.
Is the solver still trying to grab my mouse clicks in the background? It only happens with scripts that have the solver in it.
Anyways, is there a way to work around this or to fix it?


  • Ryan

Grab goal object have its own “On” boolean input.
Try to generate a boolean in your grasshopper player in a way that it flips to false before you complete the grasshopper player task, so the Grab goal object is properly shut off.
Same for the player, shut if off before ending the player task.
You can even use an additional “Get integer” to make the user input a 0 (false) to shut things off.

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Thank you very much @maje90 !
Much appreciated. I will try that out.