Requst : Grasshopper savable GUI states

it would be amazing to shift UI saved states. which can be shared on the forum by users just like in zbrush costum UI. mike Pryor just opened the pandora box and its lovly

would love to see this evolve

You can create and share the settings files in which all these colours are defined (grasshopper_gui.xml). Sadly you cannot change them while GH is running, that would require some code.

Skinning is something that will be added to GH2.

Am I going crazy?
Did someone delete my post on this thread without a notice?

Personal attacks on McNeel employees are fine by me, but personal attacks on other members on the forum I will delete. If you’re upset with @Michael_Pryor you can call him on the phone or send him a strongly worded letter, but this forum will not be a medium for that.


I assumed I was probably violating some policy, but please notify that my post was deleted pointing out which policy was violated. I thought I was going crazy. I was sure I pressed post even though I hesitated.

Anyways, It is good to know you protect your users, as well as the practice of stealing ideas.

I saw the comment from email. I’ll just say. I could understand if I took your code but all code in mine is directly one liners from David’s SDK as C# - I don’t know python. There is nothing custom about it. If anyone can have a issue with that it is David because technically we all steal from him. Secondly, UI changing is nothing new. Quite a few plugins implement it already such as Panda, Millipede, and Wombat (which already lets the user change canvas color ect.). Lastly, many of the options are available already in the preferences menu.

If you strongly believe you own authorship on David’s code then I have no problem crediting you there. Let me know.

I dare you to find posts on this forum so openly displaying customized UI as well as providing scripts to allow users to do that.

Is 2010 far enough back?

And let’s not forget this is all directly from gh SDK with literally no changes to David’s code.

You are not nearly the first and I am for sure not the last.


And that 2010 code inspired you? Or did my recent interest and posts of pictures and my ghpython example did?

Come on Michael, be honest!