Grasshopper_gui.xml keeps getting overwritten

Hi all,

quick issues i’m having:
I’ve changed a few color settings in the grasshopper_gui.xml to match my personal preference, I used this post by David as a reference:
mainly I changed the background color to white

    <item name="canvas_backcolor" type_name="gh_drawing_color" type_code="36">

I’ve done this on my work and personal computer, the issues I’m having is that the work computer keeps overwriting my settings with GH defaults on launch (I see the white for a split second after launch then it changes to default)

    <item name="canvas_backcolor" type_name="gh_drawing_color" type_code="36">

but on my personal computer it doesn’t do this
I’ve tried to set the file to read-only, but still no go

Anyone know why this is happening on my work computer?
both are on the latest version of rhino

Maybe some plugins are changing that?

Good catch, it was Fologram, after removing it there’s no problem.