Request: Wall flipping with the use of the Spacebar

While drawing a wall, it would be very useful if we’d be able to flip it just by pressing the Spacebar, exactly like Revit does.
This would make wall creation soo much quicker. Additionally, it would also be great if the spacebar could still be used once the wall is drawn to flip it too.

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@Tordel, that’s in our wishlist. I agree it would be very handy option.
@rheinason thanks to point the other thread where you requested this already.

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So will this ever be implemented? Its the first thing you encounter, when you use visualarq after 1 min drawing your first walls that VA is violating the most basic Rhino principle to choose command options by console. Just to find out this feature is already beeing requested for years. Is there still an active development of visualarq? Or is it going down the flamingo way?

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Hi @JanRuben,

Yes, there is still an active development of VisualARQ, we will release version 2.12 in the following days/weeks. About this request, we have it in our list, but there are issues which need to be implemented or fixed before this one, that is why it was not implemented yet. I have just added your vote to it, so we will let you know once it is ready.

I was about to start a topic about that, good that we already have one (or more). Drawing even a single flat without shortcuts to flip the wall is frustrating. It’s very important to have quick access to basic operations while drawing.

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After working with Revit for a few years, I must say that drawing on Visualarq needs to get a lot simpler and the whole interface needs to be rethought in order to work quicker.
At the moment unfortunately it takes a too much time to draw some basic walls, for instance, and to edit them is also a pain.
The right-click “create similar” command of Revit is extremely useful too (This might rather be a request for Rhino though).
In the other hand, objects like doors, windows or stairs work on Visualarq much smoother than in Revit.

I fully agree with you. I don’t expect VisualARQ to be more feature-rich than Revit or Archicad - it’s impossible right now.
I would like to have a better experience in doing very basic tasks. Drawing a wall is probably no. 1 thing to do if I think about CAD for architects.

Creating similar is very handy in Revit, also aligning the objects before placement while hoovering over the wall/line is a nice feature. The list could go on and on but let’s start with the wall drawing system. I did some comparison in this topic:

If I would need to divide 2D space with some thick lines (let’s call them walls) without any doors, windows, floors, I would still open this huge program called Revit because it’s far more comfortable for doing this basic task.

There are so many reasons to do such concept drawings in Rhino/VA but they vanish if we don’t have a more comfortable wall drawing system at our hands.