Request: Save and SaveAs - file compression option

It would be useful and convenient for the SaveAs and Save commands to have a simple user option for enabling or disabling file compression directly. Currently the user has to go to the Advanced section of Options to make the change. In SaveAs this could be implemented as an check box option.

Save would then use the option which was selected when the fire was first saved or most recently save using SaveAs. The option could be change using SaveAs.

Rationale - In some instances file compression can result in a 20 times increase in save time compared to no file compression while providing minimal reduction in file size. In other instances the reduction in file size is large enough that the increased save time is worthwhile.

Hi David -

Your other post was a real-world example of the latter - compression leading to a significantly smaller file and significantly increase in saving time. Do you have a real-world example of the former - an extremely huge increase in save time without a noticeable decrease in file size?

I was somewhat hoping for a discoverable setting in the Rhino options that a user would consciously set and then forget…

Ref.: RH-64364 - Options: Expose the UseCompressionWhenSaving setting in the UI

Only if you call a 10% reduction in file size to 90% of the original file size significant. For me it is noticeable but not significant decrease in size. I consider an increase in save time from several seconds to over a minute a huge increase in save time. (I edited the previous post to make it clear it was a 10% reduction to 90% of original size.)