SaveSmall - option to set as default

An option to set SaveSmall as the desired type of save (instead of Save) is desirable. The option could be included in Options > Rhino options > Files. Some users such as myself frequently save incrementally while working and the reduction in time and space from using SaveSmall is worthwhile.

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Maybe I’m thick, but it seems like the SaveSmall native command is what you’re looking for.

But IncrementalSave doesn’t “save small”…they always find a way to sneak in somehwere!

As I’ve requested, the whole saving meshes in files thing should by an option or just without the option simply be removed across the board, CPU power is high and SSDs are relatively small.

Sorry, I still don’t understand.

Are you asking for a mesh stripping “SaveSmall” sticky option within the IncrementalSave command?

That’s what he’s asking for. Which is funny I thought it did savesmall now, but no it doesn’t.

Again, I think it would be okay in 2021 to just make everything saveSmall all the time, don’t even include an option. If your model is taking too long to mesh something is wrong with it.

SaveSmall as a separate command works for me. Somehow I’ve overlooked it, probably because Save has the “Save small” option.

Not what I was asking for in the original post. I probably should not have said “incrementally” in my initial post since I don’t use IncrementalSave.

I’m working with very complex models and I like to save the render meshes because I don’t want to make a break if I reopen the file later. How do I get _IncrementalSave without save small? At the moment IncrementalSave is using save small alyways.

@Micha -_IncrementalSave _SaveSmall=no enter