Plugin requires Rhino update


I just learned Rhinocommon SDK and have made my first plugin.

When first installing the Plugin, it requires Rhino 5 to update, which I did and it runs fine.
I tried on a few other computers, they also need updating to install the plugin.

I’m just wondering why it’s asking for Rhino to update? I checked the Project References, RhinoCommon path is C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 5 (64-bit)\System\rhinocommon.dll, so the compiled library should run out of the box, doesn’t it? I looked around and had a look at Getting Started / Plugin Installers (Windows) guide, but it doesn’t mention this.

Just some newbies questions, thanks for having a look it :thumbsup:

The RhinoCommon library is getting updates with each service release of Rhino, and therefore the plug-ins that are compiled against a certain version cannot be loaded into earlier service releases. In other words, if you have Rhino 5 SR 10 installed, and you compile a plug-in against that service release, users must have at least SR 10 or newer on their system.

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Thanks @menos

It makes sense if other computers need updating. But I did develop the plugin and deployed, installed on the same computer. Not sure why it still requires update.

It doesn’t confuse me because I like updating :smile: but just curious of why it’s happening.