Request: Allow unauthenticated downloads at food4rhino

I understand that data-tracking is everything, but is it really needed to have users login to download plugins?

I’m not at all interested in collecting information on who downloads my plugin, and personally loathe that people have to login just to download something. I just want a central, easy place to distribute it.

Could this be a possibility, perhaps by allowing unauthenticated downloads on a project-basis?

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Hey @arendvw, unfortunately there are a lot of plug-in developers who do want this information so they know who to tell about new releases/features. What I will say is that as we’re trying to figure out how to integrate the new Package Manager (Yak) and Food4Rhino, these decisions will be re-evaluated.

Perhaps as an option by the plugin-provider?

// Rolf

Thanks for your reply! Do you think that as a plugin-author, there could it be an option to disable it?

Hi, Unfortunately this would require a major change to food4Rhino website, plus we want users to accept the Terms & Conditions before they download any app, also for security reasons.