Replacing List Items

Apologies for Sunday evening question :slight_smile:

Say you have:

  1. List of values
  2. Another list with multiple branches (each branch has the same number of items as first list)
  3. Some pattern

You want to replace values in original list with items from other lists? (7.8 KB) (12.9 KB)

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Thank you. But it is only works with static number of branches? (13.2 KB)


Here is another way you just need to input the Branches you want to select from and indices of each branch you want to rplace (15.8 KB)

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Thank you :blush: guys

Try this

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Hi Guys,
Thank you so much for help. But unfortunately I still can’t figure it out.

Imagine you have a list of 100 points, and 2 (but could be any number) groups of points inside curve boundaries.

2 groups of points are in the same tree.

I would like to replace Z values of original points with Z values of points inside boundaries.
To be able to do it I have to place them at the same index.

And it is where I have a problem. (15.3 KB)

could you please internalize the surface and the point params in the file ?

I just saw you seem to ask the same question in another thread too. In many cases it could be easier to help you with a context and a link to the complete Story ( you mentioned Daniel helped you). And not duplicating the thread which makes it even more difficult to follow up.