Replace Text

hi all am trying to replace multiple text its not working
could someone guide me how to achieve it

Replace component is working four times with:
{0;0} and x and 20.
{0;x} and y and 14.
{y;0} and y and 14.
{y;x} and y and 14.
because all its inputs have item access. So, you have to structure your input data to work as you want. There are many ways, but you should use Format component for that use case.

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Hey ! I think due to the data management of grasshopper list which is « longest list repat last » contract, the fragments inputs have been repated once again, so that, the text list has been evaluated with the list of [x,y,y,y] so the x parameter in the text list has remaind the same, and only the y input has changed!

yes this is what my understanding to
well i want to replace x with 20 and y with 14 in each line
is there a method to read each line and change the respective value accordingly

Hi @rajeev_pulari ,
Try this:
image (11.1 KB)

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Try this (9.0 KB)

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@djordje u r awesome

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i never thought of this way of solving ! thanks @Dani_Abalde

thank you @rowen1124

Just download and tried… how come?

Replace F.Count with len(F)