Join text with parameters Grasshopper

Hi All

New here !!!

Can any one help me with this challenge.

In Dynamo i can easy achieve this with code block but Grasshopper don’t have one hence me going crazy for last few hours .

All i want to do is use parameter and panel to allow me to add parameter value on end of the string.

If i change to multi line it works. But i do require to keep structure as per below so multi line is not option.

Is this possible


you can use something like this: (7.4 KB)

where A is set to multiline, and B is a panel that just contains a new line by pressing “enter” once

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Thanks for your time

Mostly there. But still have problem as it only works with 2 lines & Biggest issue is that it returning results as list


could you please post your GH file to better understand what you’re looking for? :slight_smile:

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Hi Thanks for your time again

All im trying to do is change attributes in Tekla

An looks like there should specific structure to achieve this result

don’t know about the specifics of Tekla, but generally speaking you can use something as easy as this this to transform a Multiline Panel into a single string (6.7 KB)

if you have multiple lines to change alltogether, you can use this from @djordje Replace Text - #5 by djordje (6.8 KB)


Thank for your time

There is node that actually do it all