Reoplacing multiple text instances in one go

Is there faster way to do it?
There are two values to be replaceed in this example 0 =90 and 1=-90.
What if a list has more replacable values?

Please enlighten me.

Do as this

Sorry, I got wrong…

I’ve started like that…
Yeah, the result should be 90 or -90, according to the list.

not sure how about more replacable text, but in your exapmle remap would work:

Good mister, it can be even simplier :slight_smile:

… but question remains: what if there are more values (not necessarily numbers) and the things you can’t remap.

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seems the Wombat plug in (replace text multiple) is able to:

Check this as well.

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I was playing with replacing item in set (somehow sensed it’s the way to do it) but failed.
Guess, I didn’t wrap the text or somethign minor occured.
Thanks! Lesson learned.