Replace specific indexes in a list

hi guys !

simple tree problem here,

In order to move all these floating breps (at different heights) on the XY plane I tryied to extract their lowest Z coordinate and imput that number as a vector to move them down.

For each branch how can I keep only the lowest Z coordinate ? (465.9 KB)

thanks !
Charles C.

Deconstruct Point > Sort the Z values as the keys (K) in sort component > List item 0 the result of sort.

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question in the same ordre.

I need to replace all values that are smaller then -1000… with something else like 0. (205.5 KB)

You need to get the indices. Here I make them with series. Also, I use entwine and explode so we aren’t doing everything 3 times, because we have lists and we aren’t cavemen :D. (202.2 KB)


you definitly know what you are doing ! thanks very much Pryor!!