Replace moved control points on a line

Hey everybody,

That’s my first post in this forum though I’ve been following for some time and used GH in some of my previous architectural projects. I managed to get a long so far but I can’t crack this one.
Thank you in advance for your help, dear wizards of parameters. :slight_smile:

I created a bundled network of pathways on a wide open square inside a building complex using Physarealm.
There are buildings on the square which (obviously) should be avoided by the paths.
Unfortunately I couldn’t get the obstacles to work with Physarealm, so I’m trying to change the curves afterwards.

Somewhat like so:

I did so by dividing the curves and checking the control points if they’re inside a building outline.
If yes, those points are moved depending on their distance to a nearest control point on the building outline.
Then I’d like to replace the moved points with their predecessors which have not been moved and interpolate the new curve. And that’s where the magic stops.

As soon as I replace the points the lines seem to lose the correct order of points and mess up, even though the correct points got replaced on the correct position of the individual lists ( At least I think so.)

I feel like i’m missing a point somewhere … I think I didn’t move the points so far to screw up the curves. Or did I?
Any suggestions? Or maybe hints how to get the obstacles to work on surfaces in Physarealm?
All help is very much appreciated!

220125_pathways around (887.6 KB)