Recreate curves parametrically


I am trying to parametrically control the Y distance of polylines to make a nice green wall for a project. How can I flexibly move some control points to recreate curves?

sketch_green (9.9 KB)
sketch_green wall.3dm (2.8 MB)

Take a look at the attachment…

sketch_green (14.5 KB)

Add Create Set after Randomsketch_green (16.2 KB)

Hi HS,

the code works totally fine and achieves what I want to do, but for understanding’s sake, I can’t really work out how to did what you did with the lower part of the code (essentially the randomizing portion).

Also the replace component, looking at the source with a panel and comparing to the output of the replace looks as if they have the same data!

Sorry just trying my best to understand and internalize this issue

Lower part of the code produce random indices integers(1 to 6) for random selections of control points of your 7 cutves except the first & last control points…
Creat Setwill eliminate duplicated item index.

If you look into the point coordinates more closely, they are not the same…

And it would be better to prepare your initial curves in order from the first place…