Repeating geometry in multiple parts (11.9 KB)
Having a very annoying issue, probably requiring a simple solution… When I deconstruct a single tetrahedron in the script to build the inscribed circles, it works fine. Once I increase the number of “cells” to perform this operation on it fails… I can’t figure out what I’m missing in the structure…
Thanks for any help

Since you post here I assume the obvious: so see attached.

Brep_TetraCircles_V1.3dm (100.1 KB) (10.4 KB)

Cool, appreciate taking a look, unfortunately, if you’ll notice the circles I’m creating in the original definition these are not the same.

Well … mode 2 does the so called incircles.

Anyway … you are using some add-on that I don’t have (the only add-on that I have/use is K2) meaning that the def doesn’t work for me. But since a triangle has several related circles what exactly circle are you after?

Yes, I might not have used the right work to describe the circles im after… uploading a new def without the plugin you mentioned. You should be able to see what I’m looking for now. thnx

It’s a matter of Karma I assume:

Make a sketch (or mention the correct/exact name of the circle).

oof, that’s annoying, also not sure that is how karma works… well, that component in simply finding the mid point of all edges, can be replaced with a “point on curve” component