Problem with creating item inTekla from Grasshopper's brep

Hi everybody! :wave:
I created brep (!Closed brep) and want to create it in Grasshopper, I’ve done this - I connected with node Item, but grasshopper builds this body endlessly - without results.(I waited several times - every 30-40 minutes)
What could be wrong? How can I fix brep?

error brep (13.9 MB)

When you have extremely large geometry like this, it’s better IMHO to separate the geometry from the GH code, which is often very small and goes through many revisions. You can do that by referring to a Rhino file for the geometry or use Data Output and Data Input in two GH files, like this:

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Two things you can try :

  • Change the mesh to Coarse on the Tekla Item component
  • Mesh the brep in Grasshopper and provide the mesh to Tekla.

Hi Dmitry, quickly trying to mesh this brep either with Rhino or GH results in a massive mesh with millions of faces. It’s also invalid most of the time with intersecting faces, extremely short edges and thin triangles, which usually doesn’t go down well with Tekla.

You might be able to find meshing settings in Rhino/GH that gives you a better mesh, but I would go back to the source of the brep and recreate it (or ask for a cleaner version if it comes from outside). E.g. a swept section along a rail with two cuts, or a section swept with two rails, should normally result in a mesh with a couple of thousand of faces, not millions. Just keep the rails and section outline clean e.g. by rebuilding the curves or smoothing the rails (in case they’re polylines).