Repeated processing of unchanged archicad inputs

Using the latest version of the gh-live connection in ArchiCAD on Rhino 7.

deconstructed a polyline from AC to create a morph with random holes.
Works fine so far.

Grasshopper repeats the processing everytime the element is created in ArchiCAD without me changing the input curve.

Is there a chance to let it just process the input curve one time as long as I don’t change it?

Greetings Ramon

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Hi -

You’ll probably need to check an ArchiCAD forum for help with that issue as the live connection plug-in is their product and it’s not something that is widely used by members of this forum.

thanks for the quick help.
I’ll try it on the graphisoft side… though I’m not sure if they might tell me to ask in the grasshopper forum for it’s nothing commonly used by ArchiCAD Users :smiley: