Repeat Delete command?

As I am using frequently the Delete command to clean my drawings of unnecessary geometries, I assigned this command to a popup button. I can access the command but when I am right-clicking to repeat this command, it is just don’t happens. Any other commands responds to the mouse right-click, excepting the Delete one. Also I removed the Delete from the “Never repeat these commands” from preferences and restarted RhinoMAC, but still no effect. It is this a bug?

Rhinoceros > Preferences… > General. Check the text box with commands to never repeat. You can remove Delete from there.

It is already deleted, checked a few times all the commands and certainly it is not there:


I don’t know about repeat using mouse button, I don’t have a 3-button mouse to test here. But the repeat works fine using just the enter key to repeat the Delete command on my mac.

Yep, found the issue. It was the delete: instead of the _Delete (first button from left) I used the second one which have delete: command associated with it. The first one is working properly, the second one not. For what it is used the delete: command?

Hi - I see that button with the question mark in that dialog as well but can’t seem to find it in the toolbars in the workspace. Is that a button that you see and use when you delete an object?

Yes, this was the button used. Now replaced with the first one from left and the repeat of _Delete command it is working. It is not working for delete: and I don’t know what is the difference between this two commands.

Hi - my question is where this button is/was located. I never ever use buttons and the help file seems to indicate that the Delete command is not available on a button. Yet I see it in the Command Editor interface as you showed in your picture. On which toolbar do/did you find that button?

I’m using the latest RhinoMAC 7 WIP. If you are going in Preferences/Commands/Customize and use the very bottom search field for “delete” you will see these two buttons.

I use Rhino for Mac 5.4.2. I never use a button for Delete, but in the command customizing panel I do find the same two buttons as @alexaserban. The leftmost button shows the “delete hole”- icon, and in my version the command shows as -_DeleteHole, and not _Delete. The question mark button does indeed have delete: as command.
Apparently it is not used anywhere, so it is a bit strange, but no harm done. :wink: :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi - I’ve created RH-56717 with a few questions for a developer to take a look at.

FWIW, on my system, both on Rhino 6 and the Rhino 7 WIP, just like Max, I don’t have a regular “Delete” button - only the one with the question mark that runs delete:.

Yes, you are right. I used that button and modified to my needs, as in RhinoMAC you can’t use a custom icon for a button like in Rhino for Windows, I needed to use a button that closely resembles the command I used, and changed the command from _DeleteHole , to _Delete.

Yes you can, just drag a .jpg picture to the default picture (the question mark when you add a new button).

And when you change the command macro of existing buttons, they may also change in those buttons already present on one or more pallets. I’ve had varying results with that.


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Thanks for the tip. Learned something new.