Bug w Cmd+Z then RMB popup

I use the RMB popup all the time to repeat my last command. However, if you do a new command, then do CMD+Z to undo it, the next time you use RMB popup it says ‘Repeat Undo’ at the top, which, in actuality, repeats the last command you did, NOT the undo command. Does this make sense? I think it’s a bug that should be fixed - I’m encountering it all the time and it is rather confusing.


I get this too. Unlike ‘Delete’ which doesn’t show up on the RMB menu.

I think (maybe) I’ve seen what you describe for a very long time. However, the bug has been intermittent and I have not noticed a way to reproduce what you describe, therefore I have not reported it. I could not reproduce the bug with a CMD+Z prior to the RMB popup as you’ve described.

For me, intermittently, but regularly, and without a repeatable sequence I can identify (sorry) if I:

  1. Have performed multiple commands

  2. Use the RMB popup to select a command THAT WAS NOT THE LAST COMMAND

  3. MacRhino will, intermittently, issue the very last prior command instead of the command chosen via RMB popup.

I’m certain I’m NOT accidentally choosing the last command. Has happened regularly for a long time.

Wish I could indicate how to reproduce. Perhaps one whiz out the can…

Example - In the image shown, when “it” happens, I’ll select “Line” but Rhino will issue “Circle.”

This is a bug. Logged in MR-1999. In sum: some commands should not repeat by design (Undo, Delete, etc), but these get listed in the menu anyway (not by design).

Delete is an instructive edge case…it won’t show up if you hit the delete key on the keyboard, but will - erroneously - show up if you type the Delete command.

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