Reparametrize joined curves

Hello everyone,
I’m working on a project and i m having a problem with reparametrizing joined curves.
When i join 2 curves with different length, the domain of the resulting curve is not uniform.

I’d rather not rebuild the curve because i need to keep the angle between the 2 curves.

I made up this solution, but i feel its quite long…

Is there some other simple way to reparametrize (roughly) uniformly the domain of the resulting curve?

Thanks in Advance

Join Curves with (11.4 KB)


And internalize your geometry?

You can shatter the curve at all discontinuities, rebuild the segments and join them again. But why do you need the domain to be (roughly) uniform? Domains of nurbs curves are almost never uniform so most algorithms have ways to deal with that.

Curve Domain is a GH1 component. Let’s you change the parameter domain of a curve.

Yeah, i forgot to do that.First post on the forum sorry :smiley:

I dont have the project with me atm, I think this will work, Ty

Just a wild guess here, would using Evaluate Length be better suited for you instead?
Looks like you’re trying to scale the curve’s parameter domain by its length, when you could be directly be using the curve’s arc length parameterization:

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