Reparameterize curve

Hi there!, I have attached one example (Rhino 7 SR18), that I do not undestand.
I have tried to reparameterize some combined curves but I am not able to get the same result in Grasshopper as reparameterize Rhino command.
Do you have any idea what I am doing wrong?
Thank you so much!

testReparam.3dm (110.5 KB) (8.4 KB)

Hi @Vicente_Durá,

Reparameterize > Automatic sets the domain of curves from 0.0 to the length of of the curve. (15.5 KB)

We try to have parameterization match the length of a curve or some measure of the width of the surface. Derivative information is better if we do it this way.

Hope this helps.

– Dale

Hi @dale, Thanks for your answer but my doubt is about the result after evaluating the curve. Your explanation is clear but I do not understand why evaluating the curve after your grasshopper proposal (same result as me) is different if previously I copy and paste and reparameterize the curves using Rhino command.
If you analize the segments of the curve, you will realize that this new domain is not homogeneus along the whole curve. It seams that in the zones where there are more points uses more range between 0 to 1. I am not sure if I am explaning it well…

Regards, and thank you so much

Hi @Vicente_Durá,

Are you just trying to sample points along each curve? If so, why not use the Divide Curve component? This way, no reparameterization is required. (14.1 KB)

Also, there is almost never a need to reparametrize curves, as it is really easy to convert an interval (domain) value to a normalized value, and vice versa. (10.7 KB)

Poorly parameterized curves may not intersect or trim properly when combined with other curves. “Poorly parameterized” means the curve’s domain is either tiny or huge compared to the size of the curve.

Finally if you really think you need to reparametrize curves, for reasons I don’t understand, then have a look at this. The C# component reparametrizes curve like the Rhino command. (17.6 KB)

– Dale

Wow!, Thank you so much for the masterclass, everything now is clear. I will continue with my tests

Thanks again!