Curve Division Length Changes for Some Reason

I am trying to divide a curve into 9"(0.75’) and 6"(0.5’) segments, although everything seems normal until I remap the numbers, it changes to 1’ and 1.5’ lengths for some reason(You can manually check this by baking the points).

As you can see on the panel, it’s giving out the correct lengths, (0.75)-(1.25)-(2)-(2.5)-… and goes like that, and after remapping, it changes. I’ve manually checked the percentages of the numbers coming out of remapping, and it seems to be matching with the correct lengths, so I don’t know what’s changing the numbers.

Any idea why it’s doing that?

Dividing a (10.3 KB)

I just realized that since I was combining two of the dimensions I’ve had to divide the overall curve length, it seemed like it was taking two different dimensions as one, and that’s why it looked like it was doubling up the distances.

Maybe it’s an extra step, but I’ve added a multiply by 2 command in the circled area, and it solved the issue.

By the way, you can skip the remap process by switching the “Normalized” option on the evaluate curve component to false. Dividing a (11.4 KB)

That works great, thank you! But I thought when you reparameterize something, you needed to remap to 0,1 domain?

When curves or surfaces are ‘reparameterized’, their domain is set to \left(0, 1\right). By having a fixed, known domain some operations become much easier to encode, although there are also good reasons for having the domain roughly track the physical size of an object, which is why Rhino defaults to the latter.

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