Rendering to a set size and DPI

I have been rendering in rhino5 with flamingo for years. just upgraded to Rhino 6 and cant seem to figure something out. In my previous renders, I could set the size to say 11 x 17 inches at 150 dpi, and it just worked.
now I do the same thing in the render command, and it behaves oddly. if I set the render to 11 x 17 x 150dpi in flamingo- it renders it much smaller and def not at 150 dpi. if I switch to the new rhino render, it renders it much larger than 11 x 17. this seems to be a pretty simple thing to have kept working smoothly, but now has gotten all “mathmatical”

when working on a render for a client I just want to be able to render out exactly to the print size and DPI they need, with a simple set on inputs (like it used to behave)

does anyone have suggestions?


Hello - does the saved image actually match the size in pixels that you ask for?


I can check. But the reality is, if it allows you to ask for it in inches, supply it in inches. Post processing should be unnecessary.

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