Rendering Misalignment

okay so I’m no good when comes to rendering. I tried, seemingly simple technique of rendering one image in Flamingo and the other Technical view display printing to file, both with the same pixel image ( 3000 X 1500 pixels ). When merged using Paint ShopPro ( I don’t have Photoshop ) two images do not align. In fact Printout seems smaller even though I made sure I checked < Match maximum printable area > in rhino. The same thing happens when I use capture to file. Technical display is always smaller.
How can it be fixed…? appreciate any help.

Thanks for this report. It looks like a bug in Nxt 5 to me. The work around I found was to do the ViewCaptureToFile for the technical display and then manually enter those dimensions in the Nxt control panel>render options>resolution

I’ll file this now, thanks for reporting it.

Oh so it’s a bug. Well it’s kind of nice that is not just my deficiency…
Thank you Brian for the work around. I’ll give it a try.

I was just chatting with @JohnM the main nXt for Rhino developer and it turns out there was a fix to another resolution issue in an update I didn’t have. Run FlamingoCheckForUpdates and you should be prompted for the update install when you restart Rhino. After that the render will only be off from the screen capture by 1 pixel… apparently it has to be this way. I did a composite here and it wasn’t noticeable. Let me know if that works for you too please.

I run it and it says I have the latest build; 13 June 2013.

Was he talking by a chance about Flamingo nXt 5.0.

I just installed the latest build for 5.0 but when doing composite still the same result. Basically the same mismatch regardless of whether I use nxt or nxt 5.0

Yes, this is all in regards to nxt 5. Here’s a direct link to the latest update too if the FlamingoCheckForUpdates command isn’t working right. I’m not sure why it wouldn’t… is your v5 on SR12 too?

Hi Brian,
thanks for the link but is the same build I installed earlier today. Below you can see all the builds I have for nxt, nxt5 and rhino 5. I believe I’m up to dateish…

Thanks, that all looks good I agree. I’m not sure why you’re not seeing the change in the render output. Are you sure you are using nxt 5 and not nxt? Are you also using viewcapturetofile for the technical mode screencapture and setting the render output to viewport resolution in the nxt control panel?

“ viewport resolution “might be the nugget . When I use viewport resolution I have no problem with composite only when I try custom sizes, and in this case I settled for 3000 X 1500 pixels two images do not overlap…
oh well… for this project I gave up the idea of rendered assembly diagrams reverting back to isometric line drawings…
Appreciate your help anyway. Thank you.

Thanks for the extra info, I know you’re done with this now but I just tried with custom sizes and it still works here. I used 2048x2048 for the render and then had a floating viewport set to a square aspect ratio (500x500) using technical mode. I captured the view using “-ViewcaptureToFile” and entered 2048x2048 as the size knowing the scale would be all that changed. These overlapped cleanly here… so I ran a test using 3000x1500 like you were. That’s when I realized the issue, if I left the viewport docked at some arbitrary width and height, the images didn’t match up. If however, I made a NewFloatingViewport and edited the size in the Properties panel to be an equal scaling of the image so it fit on the screen (e.g. 300x150), it then was possible to use the custom viewcapture to make the 3000x1500 version. This matched up with the render of the same size. Hopefully this might help in the future if you try it again.

Thank you Brian, excellent support. I hope to use your findings very soon.