Rendering in V7

I’m getting used to the native Rhino render in version 7…sort of. What I truly miss and is native to my type of work is the simple type of render abilities found in Flamingo Nxt. A water ground plane, a sky and simple sun settings. I’ve manipulated all sorts of similar setting in Rhino render but the results are not good at all. I would love to see a boat floating in water in Rhino V7 using the rhino render and an explanation as how one gets there…something along the lines of the catamaran posted…cheers, Rob

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I’d use a PBR material with normal map on the ground plane. I gave the material that I created the name Deep Water on GP.rmtl (514.1 KB). Play with the size of the texture mapping on the ground plane to get the waves the size you want them to be.

Play with the material opacity to change the color action

I added further an environment using the tonemapped 8k jpeg for lakeside on HDRI haven for custom reflection and custom skylight. The sun was added too.

The sail is a simple PBR material with Subsurface Scattering enabled.

Inside Rhino you could still of course play with post effects

For big waves you can always quickly generate a mesh in Blender for that, took me less than a minute. Just a simple plane with ocean modifier applied, tweak some settings of that modifier and export as OBJ, import into Rhino. (The sail I also did in a few minutes using cloth modifier and a wind force).

A final render


Hi Robb,

Nice cat! I saw Nathan post much of the same on another thread about the waterplane and the raft. I started working on a commercial marine project a couple of weeks ago and thought it would be time to install and get familiar with the Rhino7 tools, specifically the Cycles raytrace wonders that Nathan has been working on. You can look at some renders of a big boxy OSV conversion project on that thread but when I saw this thread I thought I would dig up an old catamaran design that I actually won a rendering contest ages ago. I had achieved a nice look then using OCTANE and ironically I won the Marine division and the prize was a copy of KeyShot which was just making an impact on the render engine market. The actual contest was sponsored by T-Splines and this cat was modeled as a one piece T-Splines surface. Both hulls, cockpit, deckhouse and crossbeams and even the window openings were all a single TS surface. But that isn't the point here, I wanted to take your challenge and render the project with the Rhino7 render preview display mode, and the raytraced preview mode. For some reason I am not having as much luck with the water surface as on the other thread with the ship model but this is a screenshot of the cat using the same Nathan Deep Water material he posted with some color edits and is actually in the rendered preview display mode. 

This next example is using the raytraced display mode and I just discovered that I needed to turn off a big disc I had been faking a waterplane with, which gives a softer more natural look to the waves.

The only light in the scene is the Rhino sunlight and the HDR lighting from Nathan’s link used for the environment. Not bad for 75 passes in 35 seconds!

I turned on surface edges to get this sort of 'toon style render in raytraced mode.

I had fun with this today and it is good to see one of my old favorite models in new fresh ways. When I think of the hours spent waiting on Flamingo for what seems now like dark age images I am really behind Nathan and his wizardry.

Hi Jody and thanks for your thorough response to my needs. I’ve been using Rhino since it was a free beta download in the late 90’s hence my nickname “Pharticus Anteequs”! I’m sure that with your advice and especially Nathan’s, I will get the hang of it. Part of my problem may be my ancient computer rig: Core I7 3930K and an el cheapo Sapphire Nitro Vega 56 I picked up on sale for less than I care to reveal! The one good thing about that gpu is that it carries 8 GB of HBM memory which is a good thing for this type of work. But a new rig is on the horizon as soon as price get back to manufacturer’s recommendations. In the meantime I will put up with my ancient and very expensive original investment of 9 years ago…

Nice CAT and congrats on winning the rendering prize. I’ve been nominated at boat shows but never won; The Sky 51 of my design however exceeded 90 boats in production under a variety of names which is not unusual for the day in the Far East.

All the best, Rob

From Rob Ladd of Robb Ladd Yacht Design

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Rob, wasn’t that a Skye 51? I raced on one of those down in the Caribbean in a former life. Nice boat!

Cool! That design was the third set of hull lines I had drawn to that time. Years later I was on Manila where I ran into an old friend; Charles Blondel aka Chas from Tas who had just come back from delivering a Skye 51 from Manila to the Med by way of the Suez canal, by himself!

The original lines I did ink on mylar. This digital world is so much more fun and worlds

cleaner; no ink to wash off, no pounce bag to clean up after, just a few extra watts of power each day. I still have a mostly useless Tamaya digital planimeter; it was THE thing to have alongside my brand new HP 35!

The successor to the Skye 51 was the Skye 5r which my dear Kellie and I had the chance to sail aboard hull no. 2 from Tahiti to New Zealand averaging 203 miles per day. I do like to ramble too much, so have a good one and “cheers mate”

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 Do you remember a Skye 51 named KINDERSPIEL? 
 BTW, I have been calibrating my monitors as the posts I added here yesterday look too dark when I look at them today on the forum.  I saw the new stuff Kyle and Nathan have been doing to allow use on those Adobe material formats. Still have to do a restart to get that feature to show up in R7 but in the meantime I have been refining my water materials and renders from yesterday. I particularly like how I was able to get the groundplane (waterplane in our case) to blend in seamlessly with the water surface in the background HDRI. Look at the sandbar point right above the bow and how the water color of the background and the waterplane as rendered look. A hard thing to get right and horizons can be a bitch!

My efforts with the monitor calibration look to be worth it, to me at least. The nice thing about this HDRI is that if I give the render waterplane some transparency you can see the sand ripple under the boat. Also in I use a lower resolution for the HDRI on the background it is a bit hazy and give the impression of depth of field in the final render.

Here is a link to that nice beach HDRI and I adjust the ‘altitude’ of the image to create the depth of the sand below the boat as mentioned by Kyle earlier today. Thanks Kyle!


The names of most Skye 51’s escape me. There are (thankfully) too many to keep tract of. I downloaded the 4K and 2K versions of the HDRI you recommended. I shall play with all of this over the weekend then attack the tankage layout, wiring, plumbing and some 2D conversions over the coming week for the builder of the attached which is something new for me. I haven’t done a center console boat since the Topaz 24 which was the first professional hull lines of a project that I drew, again ink on Mylar. The T-24 did very well and was also sold under the Bimini 24 name as that company acquired the tooling from the Topaz people after years of production.

I’ll get the hand of rendering in V7. Outside of FastYacht, Rhino is the only 3D program I’ve used on a consistent basis. Flamingo may not be the very best of rendering engines out there but it was great improved with version Nxt and became my go to renderer.

I will be upgrading soon I hope to a newer and more capable rig with perhaps a AMD Ryzen processor as the CPU and an Nvidia 3000 series GPU. That combination should peel some time off rendering in V7 as my current set up takes a bit of time; more so than it did with V5 and Flamingo.

When it comes to the actual center console itself, I’m not happy and am hard at work coming up with a sexier looking and more alluring design that should compliment the rest of this project.

All the best, Rob


What are you using to create this text and how are you getting it into your post?

@stevebaer When I view this in Safari it doesn’t fold the line and needs to be scrolled sideways to the end of the line. Is there anything that can be done for really long lines of just text?

For some reason there are triple ticks on that chunk of text which makes it get interpreted as code.

Rob are you using the denoiser in Rhino 7? That should did things up.

Also, have you got to the point you are happy with the water yet?

I am liking the water and getting used to the V7 rendering feature. It has a lot to offer; it is I that needs to catch up to this type of rendering. I should be far more fluent by the closing of this weekend. I do have to ask though, does the release of V7 mean the end of Flamingo?

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At this point we are planning to continue forward with the new rhino engine. There is a lot more there we can add.

Have you use the denoiser to increase render speed?

Yes I have used both the Intel and AMD denoiser with noticeable success. Thanks, Rob

From Rob Ladd of Robb Ladd Yacht Design

Nice work Gentlemen !
Is it possible to animate the water using Bongo ?
Could this be done by swapping the “static” bump map with an animated bump map made with 3ds Max or After Effects ?


2nd Attempt


Hello, where did you get the sails from? They look great

Thank you, I modelled the sails from the original Sail Plan.

Oh okay. So did you do it with different surfaces and materials?

Hi Alberto,
Yes, the detail is different surfaces. I could have also made a bitmap texture.